Forestry GIS (fGIS™) is a freeware shapefile editing program, digitizer and GIS data query tool for Windows®. Designed for operational field managers like foresters and wildlife biologists, fGIS has essential tools tailored for precision mapping on a desktop computer. Use fGIS to customize layered views including aerial photos and other imagery, draw map objects, query and search spatial data, annotate maps for printing, and much more. The standalone program is unlimited, producing shapefiles and geo-referenced images compatible with commercial software in an enterprise GIS framework.

Wisconsin foresters built fGIS as a complement to enterprise data managed with more sophisticated GIS software. Although fGIS is not meant to replace comprehensive programs needed by GIS specialists, operational field personnel may find fGIS entirely adequate for their needs. Many power users also appreciate fGIS for its small size, portability to home and field computers, and innovative data tools. It is in use around the world, with a flexible menu system that can be translated to any language.

Supported File Formats

Creates: TatukGIS Project Files (*.ttkgp)

Vector Layer Formats Supported Read Write
DXF (AutoCAD® MAP) Yes Yes
DGN (Microstation®) Yes
DLG Yes Yes
MapInfo® MIF Yes Yes
SQL Coverages – TatukGIS format Yes
ESRI® e00 Yes
TIGER2000/line Yes


Pixel Layer Formats Supported

Write includes associated world coordinate files.

Read Write
TIFF (uncompressed) Yes Yes
TIFF, GeoTIFF (1, 4, 8 and 24-bit, uncompressed, packbits, group4, LZW) Yes  
BMP Yes Yes
PNG Yes Yes
JPEG Yes Yes
ECW - ER Mapper® ECW Yes  
SID - Lizardtech® MrSID Yes  
BIL Yes  
ADF (ESRI® DEM Grid "Arc Data Files") Yes  
WMF (excluding world coordinate file)   Yes
IMG Yes  
JPEG2000 Yes  
SDTS Yes  


Forestry GIS (fGIS) Program Copyright 2003-2004 by the University of Wisconsin

fGIS Programmer:

Brian Brown (University of Wisconsin)

fGIS Contributors:

Paul Pingrey (Wisconsin DNR - Division of Forestry)
Donald Monson (Wisconsin DNR - Division of Forestry)
Janel Pike (Wisconsin DNR - Division of Forestry)
Raquel Sanchez (Wisconsin DNR - Northeast Region)


For on-line help, join the fGIS user group at Yahoo.

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