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Language Files


fGIS includes a "language.ini" file (a simple text file) that can be modified for languages other than English.

The alternative language files are located in the root fGIS folder. They are named with an extension to indicate which language they contain (e.g., the Deutsch [German] file is named language.ini.de). To use one of these alternate language files, begin by renaming the original "language.ini" to "language.ini.bak" with a file manager like Windows Explorer. Then rename the language file you want fGIS to use as "language.ini".

If you are interested in creating a translation, a helpful software tool is called "Translator" by Jernej Simoncic. It lists the original language.ini file in the left pane, compared to your translation in the right.

If you create a unique "language.ini" file, please send us a copy.

Note that the Diagram Designer module from Michael Vinther also offers additional languages.


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