fGIS (Version 2) Updates

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The May 5, 2006 update includes the following:

1. Cached Paint (on the Layer Properties dialog) is now turned off when a Point layer is edited. Previously when moving a point in a Point layer with the Edit Points tool, it appeared as if the point wasn't being moved, when in fact it was. The Point layer should be the topmost layer in the view (which it will likely be, if you are editing it).

2. Bug fix: selecting the Edit > Polygon Functions > Delete Part command to delete a point in a point layer would lock up fGIS. To delete a point in a point shapefile, first select the point with the Pick Tool, then use the Edit > Delete Shape command.

3. The Map > Set Default Data Directory command, now sets the default data directory immediately, rather than the next time fGIS is started.

4.The Utilities > Points to Polygon dialog has been changed to the Points to Polygon or Line dialog. The dialog now allows for the creation of a line from an input point shapefile.

5. Added the Clear Overview Map Layer command to the Map > Show Overview Map dialog popup menu. The lack of this command was causing problems when a project was reopened and when using the Map > Print > Print Map template map option.

6. Bug fix: the Split Shape Tool was splitting shapes in the selected layer in the Legend, rather than the current layer being edited.

7. Bug fix: when attributes were changed in the Shapefile Table dialog, the changes would not be reflected in the Attributes Tool dialog or labels until the project was reopened. Changes are now visible as soon as the Edit Table checkbox is unchecked.

8. Added the "1 in. = XXXX ft." output scale option to the Send Map to Word dialog.

9. Updated MrSid library file (ttkMrSID4.dll).

10. Bug fix: several folks reported problems printing to certain printers using the Map > Print > Print Map dialog.

11. Additional fire and stewardship plan map templates included in the fGIS directory.

Changes to fGIS (Version 2) - Dec. 1, 2005:

1. New fGIS license: "This software may only be used by WDNR employees and partners and may not be marketed and/or distributed to the general GIS software user market. This software is provided gratuitously. Neither the University of Wisconsin nor the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shall be liable under any theory for any damages suffered by you or any user of this software. The software code shall not be decompiled, altered, or integrated into other products."

2. Bug fix: editing problems associated with MrSID images when zoomed in at a large scale.

3. Bug fix: problems with scalebars in .tpl template files.

4. Updated /fgis/landscape.tpl map template that includes a scalebar.

5. Labels on Top checkbox added to Layer Properties dialog. Previously, all labels were displayed on top of all visible layers. When toggled off, the labels will only display if the feature is visible.

6. Some additional features added to Layer Properties Rendering Wizard.

7. Brightness and Contrast controls added to the Layer Properties dialog for image layers.

8. The Pick Tool can now be used to select multiple shapes by drawing a rectangle.

9. Added the Utilities > Points to Polygon utility. This utility will create a new shapefile with a polygon based upon the points in a given layer. The order that the points are added to the polygon is based upon the order that the points appear in the shapefile attribute table. The user has the option of using the selected points only.




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